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Feb 18

Make and Fly a Kite

Join a fun drop-in activity to make a kite between 11am and 1pm then fly it on The Green where you can also watch falconry displays; then then follow a flight themed trail around the Town; activities vary...

Feb 20

Flight Themed Tile Decorating Workshops

Join a drop-in, flight themed tile decorating workshop and try the tube lining technique to produce a tile featuring your own design and choice of colours, perhaps a hot air balloon, flying saucer or aeroplane....

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Latest News

Feb 23

50 People to flip pancakes on the Iron Bridge Shrove Tuesday, Tuesday 28 February

As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations staff at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust are organising a huge pancake flipping contest on the world-famous Iron Bridge.

Feb 23

The Land of Lost Content Book

Patrick Fly and The Land of Lost Content Museum owner Stella Mitchell need your help in creating a 272 page case-bound book celebrating the collection of the Land of Lost Content, a museum dedicated to...

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